Buyers Questions

Are all of your products refurbished? 
Yes, unless otherwise noted in the product description, all products available for sale on the BAM Liquidation website are refurbished. Products refurbished by BAM Liquidation are processed by our highly trained technicians and are refurbished to the highest quality standards and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What is included with each product?


  • Notebook computers include AC adapter.
  • Desktop computers include the keyboard, mouse and power cable.
  • Monitors include video cables and power cord.
  • Tablets include charging cable.
  • Phones include charging cable.
  • MP3 Players include sync cable
  • Parts include any accessories specified in the product description.

Can I modify the configuration listed for sale on your store?

A wide range of products and configurations are available on the BAM Liquidation online store. Any configuration modifications available for your selected model will be displayed prior to product selection via drop downs. Typically the only configuration changes that will be available are RAM upgrades and Hard Drive upgrades.

Do you have a retail store?

Yes, we operate a retail showroom in Lewisville, TX. The majority of the product offered on our site is available for retail purchase directly from our showroom. There are certain items that may or may not be available either online or in store at any given time.

Do you offer quantity discounts? 
Sign up as a dealer using the Dealer Application link on the home page.

Is your ordering process secure? 
Yes. All orders and transactions involving release of personal information are encrypted using the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

What payment methods do you accept? 
The BAM Liquidation online Store accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

What do your product cosmetic conditions mean?

Excellent Condition: Our highest cosmetic grade with no cosmetic defects. LCD will be free of scratches, case or body will be free of any dents or scratches. System is fully tested and functional. Unit can be considered in “like new” or “open box” condition.

 Good Condition: Fully tested and functional just like the Excellent condition, but will have visible blemishes and is discounted accordingly. These could include slight scratches & scuffs, wear on the buttons and/or minor screen scratches or up to 2 dead pixels. Any minor scratches & scuffs will be less than 2″ long and any minor dent or hairline crack will be less than 1/2 inch and will not affect the functionality of the system.

Fair Condition: Has more minor scratches, scuffs, dents and/or cracks than a unit in Good condition. This can include paint removed on the body or work surface, missing or broken bezels, missing plastic parts, broken latches and hinges and stains that are permanent including paint, stickers, and ink. If the product has an LCD there could be less than 3 minor small scratches and 2-3 bad pixels. Fair condition products are discounted accordingly, fully tested and functional.

Poor Condition: Our lowest grade with functional defects that prohibit the device from functioning according to manufacturers guidelines.  Examples of issues could be defective/broken LCD screen, defective keyboard, water damage, etc.  Units are sold “AS IS” for parts or repair only.  Units may or may not have visible defects. No warranty is offered on Poor condition products.



Sellers Questions

Is my data secure?

Yes, BAM Liquidation places the highest importance on securing all customer data. All hard drives are securely erased and all data is destroyed prior to a new OS being installed on the device. All devices are tracked via serial number through the entire process to ensure 100% data erasure and accountability.

Do you purchase defective items?

Yes, there is an option for product condition. If your device fails to operate as intended by the manufacturer for any reason, you may select the “Poor” condition and the appropriate value will be displayed.




What is your entire return policy? 
See Warranty Terms and Conditions

My product is defective and needs to be returned. What do I do?
Only defective product returns will be accepted before 30 days for repair or replacement only. To return a product you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. BAM Liquidation will not accept returns without prior authorization. To obtain a RMA number please click here:

My product is defective and needs to be replaced. What do I do?
See above question regarding return protocols. All warranty exchange replacements are subject to product availability. If an exact replacement is not available BAM Liquidation will substitute the product(s) with a similar, suitable, or upgraded product(s) of equal or greater value within 7 business days. If none of these options are available BAM Liquidation will credit the customer’s account.


What kind of warranty is included with BAM Liquidation products?
Most products for sale on the BAM Liquidation online store include a 30-day parts and labor warranty. If you believe that you have a defective product, please contact sales@bamliquidation.com.  If a repair or replacement is required, you will be provided with information on how to return your product to BAM Liquidation.

How do I receive technical support on my purchase? 
Unfortunately do to the diverse products offered on the BAM Liquidation online store we are unable to provide product specific technical support on all items. You may visit the manufacturers website or contact the manufacturers technical support line for specific inquiries. You may also contact the BAM Liquidation customer service line for general support inquiries and we will do our absolute best to answer any questions you may have.


General Questions


Do you warranty batteries?

Batteries are guaranteed to work at least one (1) hour under normal operating conditions as part of our 90-day standard warranty. However, batteries are consumable and are not covered under the 15-month extended warranty.


How do I contact you?

Easy….click the contact us link and you can reach us by phone, email, fax, snail mail, courier pigeon or just about any way you can image!