All BAM Liquidation Certified Refurbished products go through a rigorous refurbishment process so that we can test, grade and certify the condition of all devices.

Our refurbishment process is designed with four key steps:

Step 1


step 2

Grade Inspection

step 3

Hardware Testing

step 4

Erase Data and Clean

  • Backed with a free hardware warranty.
  • Put through a two-stage cleaning process
  • Processed through a Visual Inspection
  • Hardware Tested and a clean copy of the Operating System (OS) installed
  • Processed through a final Quality Assurance inspection
  • Listed on our website

Visual Inspection

The Visual Inspection process involves a thorough inspection of all exterior cosmetics as well as any visible operation issues. We look for any blemish or scratch to assist us in maintaining our stringent Cosmetic Grading criteria. The next step is Hardware Testing.

Hardware Testing

Our Certified technicians perform a series of functionality tests to asses the condition of the components (hard drive, optical drive, keyboard, screen, etc.) The technicians then perform an Apple Services Toolkit diagnostic check to determine if there any unseen issues that need to be corrected.


In the instance that a device fails testing our Certified Technicians will review the report and perform the necessary repairs using only Apple Certified parts. Only fully functional and cosmetically graded devices are listed on our site for retail sale.

Erase, Clean & Repack

The device has passed all testing and grading so now all data is formatted using a triple wipe method to ensure the highest level of safety and security for all sensitive data. The device is then thoroughly cleaned and repacked for retail sale and shipment in single unit corrugated packaging.

Order your next refurbished computer with confidence! Our Certified technicians have been serving the Apple marketplace since 2007.

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