Grading & Conditions Guide

BAM Liquidation sells a range of products that can come in a variety of cosmetic conditions.
Please refer to our detailed explanation of product grading scale below.

New Condition

These items will be new sealed in original manufacturers packaging.

Refurbished A Grade (Excellent)

Our highest cosmetic grade with no cosmetic defects.
Unit can be considered in “like new” or “open box” condition.

  • LCD will be free of scratches.
  • Case or body will be free of any dents or scratches.
  • System is fully tested and functional.

Minor Wear "B" Grade (Good)

Fully tested & functional like the excellent condition
This grade will have visible blemishes, and will deeply discounted accordingly.

Blemishes could be:

  • Slight scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Wear on the buttons
  • Minor screen scratches
  • Dead pixels up to 2px

Any minor scratches & scuffs will be less than 2" long and any minor dent or hairline crack will be less than 1/2 inch and will not affect the functionality of the system.

Scratch & Dent C Grade (Fair)

Has more minor scratches, scuffs, dents and/or cracks than a unit in Good condition. This can include: 

  • Paint removed on the body or word surface
  • Missing or broken bezels
  • Missing Plastic Parts
  • Broken latches & hinges
  • Stains that are permanent

If the product has an LCD there could be less than 3 minor small scratches and 2-3 bad pixels.

Fair condition products are discounted accordingly, fully tested and functional.

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