32GB RAM Upgrade



If you need better performance out of your non-Retina MacBook Pro, upgrading the memory is one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades you can make. Not only will having more memory help your MacBook Pro run faster, but it will also help your Mac multitask more effectively while using multiple memory-intensive programs.

A memory upgrade is a great way to make a meaningful improvement in your Mac’s performance. The amount of RAM you add depends on the situation and how you plan to use your Mac. For example: Suppose you plan to use your Mac for basic computing tasks, such as making spreadsheets, Internet browsing, watching movies, or editing photos and videos as a hobby. In that case, 8GB of RAM is sufficient. However, if you’re using an Mac professionally for work or high-end gaming, you’ll want to upgrade your Mac’s RAM to at least 16GB-32GB. This will improve your computer’s performance, especially if you’re running several applications simultaneously or doing photo and video editing.

Am I Able To Upgrade the RAM on My Mac?– You can upgrade the RAM on various iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro models from 2006-Late 2020. To verify if your device is able to upgraded and how much RAM you can add, please message us directly at techsupport@bamliquidation.com prior to booking your appointment.

Am I Able To Upgrade the RAM on My MacBook?– You can upgrade the RAM on various MacBook Pro models from Late 2008-Late 2016(non-retina). If you have one of these devices your MacBook is eligible to upgrade. If your device is newer than 2016 Apple began soldering the RAM directly onto the board to make them thinner and lighter so they are not able to be upgraded after the initial purchase.

How Much RAM Can I Upgrade To?– This is a great question! For Late 2008 pre-unibody you can go up to 6GB of RAM. For Late 2008(unibody) – Late 2016(non-retina) you can upgrade to 16GB RAM.

With this service, our expert repair technicians will inspect your device and ensure it is compatible for an SSD upgrade. If your device is capable of the upgrade we can advise of the size/capacity needed and even offer data transfer services for your critical files and data. Once your upgrade is complete your service will include our 90-Day Parts & Labor Repair Warranty so you can be confident in our service.

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