Mac Pro Tune Up Thermal Paste Fan Clean Port Clean



It’s tune up time for your Mac Pro! If you hear a loud buzzing sound coming from your device or if your internal fan is running nonstop, it may be time for a tune up. Over time the thermal paste applied to your logic board components can dry out, crack and thin causing your Mac Proto run at higher than optimal temperatures which can lead to unexpected problems such as shut down, inoperable display or failure. Let our trained technicians handle this job for you.

We will remove the necessary covers, panels and/or LCDs to gain access to your logic boards and professionally clean and remove the aging thermal paste and reapply to the affected components. Additionally, we will thoroughly clean the inside of your Mac Pro including all fans and blades, heatsinks and any other affected areas to ensure proper airflow and operating temperatures. Once reassembled we will clean and fully disinfect the exterior of your device and bench test to ensure your device is running at peak performance.

We stand behind our service with our 90-Day Parts & Labor Repair Warranty so you can be confident the job was done right!

Book your service using the Select Time button above and our expert technicians will be notified of your appointment and have everything ready to go when you arrive!

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