Mac Studio Data Wipe New OSx Install



Is it time to sell or give away your old Mac Studio? Or do you just want a fresh start and performance boost to clean up your machine? Is your Mac Studio running slower than it should or are you experiencing annoying pop-ups? It may be time for a complete data wipe, recovery and upgrade of your Mac operating system (OSx). There are several benefits to keeping your operating system updated including performance improvement, new features, security enhancement, compatibility and improved stability. Our data wipe and OSx upgrade service will take care of all of these benefits and more!

Our trained technicians will first assess your device to determine both your stored data requirements for recovery as well as what is the latest version OSx that can be installed on your Mac Studio. After reviewing this information with you we will begin the data backup process, which depending on the amount of data needed to transfer could take a few minutes to a few hours. Once the data backup is complete the technician will perform the complete data wipe and sanitation of your drive(s). Once complete the new OSx will be installed and configured and the backup of your data will be transferred to the renewed Mac Pro. The whole process can take some time to complete but your Mac Studio will be operating like a new machine when complete!

We stand behind our service with our 90-Day Parts & Labor Repair Warranty so you can be confident the job was done right!

Book your service using the Select Time button above and our expert technicians will be notified of your appointment and have everything ready to go when you arrive!

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